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Behind the Scenes: Heritage and Education – Apprenticed girls from Celbridge Charter School, 1811-18

For the next few days throughout Heritage Week we will focus on an aspect of our collection which applies to this year’s theme of ‘Heritage and Education: Learning from our Heritage’.  We plan to feature items from the broad range of records we hold relating to education.

Today’s item comes from our Chief Secretaries Office Registered Papers collection and consists of a list of children apprenticed from Celbridge Charter School, County Kildare, from January 1811 to August 1818. The list (ref. NAI CSO/RP/1819/227), written up by one of the schoolgirls, provides details of the 41 girls apprenticed. Information includes full name, age, name of master or mistress, date of indenture and trade. Trades include servant, fancy dress maker, stay maker and mantua maker and it also records remarks on the progress of each girl. The table concludes with a tally of the number of girls accommodated in the school from 1811, including those who were returned to parents, were transplanted, died, eloped, or were sent to house of industry. The document is signed by John Bayley, master of school, December 8 1818.  See here for a larger image.

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